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Rules and Policies

All of our gymnasts agree:

  • To be safety conscious for themselves and fellow teammates

  • To be on time to all practices, and stay for the duration of practice

  • To wear appropriate practice clothing

  • To take shoes off when entering the practice area

  • To be attentive, polite, and cooperative to the coaching staff.

  • To always follow all safety guidelines and alert the coaching staff if you notice any unsafe situation

  • To assist, cooperate and respect fellow teammates

  • To assist in cleaning/upkeep of gym

  • To be responsible for their personal workout gear

  • To bring no FOOD or DRINK other than water into workout area

  • To bring no electronics into the workout area. If an electronic device is necessary it must be reported to coaching staff


Disciplinary actions may include:

  • Sitting out

  • Removal from practice

  • Parental conference

  • Suspension from the class or Team, without refund of fees

  • Expulsion from the class or Team, without refund of fees


Parent Etiquette and Rules

  • Parents are to be respectful of all other gymnasts, parents, coaches, and staff.

  • Parents will refrain from making negative comments about other gymnasts, parents, coaches, and staff.

  • Parents will refrain from distracting or coaching from the sidelines (at the gym or competitions).

  • Parents are not allowed into the practice area unless invited by a coach.

  • Parents’ behavior should never interfere with gym activities.

  • Parents are expected to provide timely and safe transportation to and from all gym functions.



  • If you would like to speak with the coach about a concern please call ahead of time to arrange a meeting with them before or after a practice. Talking to a coach during practice time is unfair to other gymnasts.

  • Email is the most effective way to communicate between the coaches, management and gymnast families for every-day matters. For more serious matters we recommend setting up a face-to-face meeting before or after practice.

  • MGA will utilize email as our primary means of communication with our gymnast families.

  • Please inform us immediately of any changes to your email address.


Dress Code for Girls

  • Leotard

  • Spandex shorts optional

  • Clean Bare feet.  (No socks, tights, no shoes, nails clipped)

  • No bare midriffs, Tank tops, shirts, cheer shorts, baggy shorts, socks, tights, skirts, tutus, jeans, buttons, buckles, zippers, or costumes.


Dress Code for Boys

  • Tops:  Tank top or short sleeve t-shirt

  • Bottoms:  Sports shorts, no jeans shorts, cut-offs or other non-sport shorts

  • Feet:  Clean Bare feet.  (No socks, no shoes, nails clipped)



  • Long Hair:  Must be secured tightly in a bun, ponytail, or braid.

  • Chin Length Hair:  Must be secured tightly half up in 1 or 2 ponytails or braids.

  • Bangs:  Cut short or secured tightly back.  Bangs or other hair may not fall in front of face.



  • Participants’ bodies, nails, hair, and clothing should be clean and sanitary before class.

  •  Should be clean & short.

  •  If your student is ill please keep them home and have them return as soon as he or she is well.



  • All piercings & jewelry must be removed for safety reasons except for stud earrings. If you cannot remove piercings or jewelry, you will not be able to participate.

  • No Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Toe rings, watches, body piercings etc.

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