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We offer both Xcel and Developmental tracks.  What's the difference?

Pre-Team Gymnastics

Ages: 5 & up

​Each and every gymnast in our Pre-Team program is seen as a potential team member! These classes boost self-esteem and confidence as gymnasts see their skills improving and bodies growing stronger. We give our gymnasts big goals and encourage them to push themselves to succeed!

Our Pre-Team program is extremely goal oriented. These classes practice all women's gymnastics events while cross training with a variety of different equipment.

Competitive Team

Ages: 6 & up

Our competitive team program offers the opportunity to pursue gymnastics to its highest level, and experience all of the benefits we have to offer. Mountain Gymnastics Academy is here to help your child achieve their maximum potential. We promote self-discipline and a strong work ethic. Our goal is to develop world class athletes in a fun environment. Our staff is dedicated to guiding each gymnast in a structured format to progress as high in gymnastics as they wish to go.

All of our competitive teams are invitation-only, meaning they're open only to current gymnasts who have been evaluated by our staff and given the option to join one of our competitive teams.

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