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Toddler and Preschool Gymnastics

We give young children a safe and inspiring space to direct their energy, build confidence, and develop key skills. Come join us to make new friends, learn new things and build self-confidence in a super fun, supportive environment.

"I had my daughter in a dance and gymnastics for two years prior to starting her at MGA. Even after 2 years she still had not been able to do a proper cartwheel. I am not joking when I say that after the first week I saw some major improvement. They took the time on her second practice to show her the proper form and give her tips when she was struggling. After that she practiced constantly at home. Now her cartwheels are amazing! She is a quiet and shy girl so the fact that they noticed her that day and stopped to help is what impressed me most. The fun atmosphere is what keeps us there. She looks forward to gymnastics and constantly shows off at home when she learns something new. ️ They also have a competition team that is very talented. Whether you are looking for a fun activity for your child to help keep them active or something more serious MGA is the way to go."     - K. Freeman

Tiny Tots

Ages: 1.5 - 3
Gender: Both

Join us every Saturday for fun with your little one in the gym! Play along with your child on our specially designed tumble mat and equipment. Tiny Tots time encourages bonding with your little one and maybe most importantly helps expend energy! Parents must stay with children at all times.


Ages: 1.5 - 4
Gender: Both

KinderGym is parent-led time using the tumbling floor, obstacle courses and tumble track trampoline. By practicing simple skills and participating in our obstacle courses, kids will have fun and get exercise at the same time! Parents must stay with children at all times. For safety, equipment usage will be strictly monitored by MGA staff.

Preschool Gymnastics

Ages: 3-5
Gender: Both

Our Preschool class is a nurturing environment where 3-5 year olds are encouraged to progress at their own unique pace. Children are introduced to gymnastics skills and conditioning in a fun and safe environment. We'll work on fundamental movements for children, gym and equipment safety, games, and the use of our equipment specifically designed for their size.

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