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Mountain Gymnastics Academy

In the Heart of West Virginia

"I wish this place was here back when my granddaughters started gymnastics. It’s a wonderful facility. They offer all varieties of classes. The coaching staff are great and very patient, especially with the young ones. If your daughter or son might be interested come see what they offer."

"Wonderful and clean facilities, kind and patient coaches. My daughter is new here, but she already feels at home."

"Quality coaching by trained professionals, top of the line brand new equipment and facilities. They all express care and concern for the child's best interests."

"Fantastic clean facility great for kids of all ages!"









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About Our Academy

We believe that with effort, energy and a focused goal, every child will have greater success in school, sports and life.


Our first priority is safety. We use state-of-the-art equipment and coaching techniques. We help children become more enthusiastic about conditioning so they can perform gymnastics at higher levels with less injuries.

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Our Classes

We're committed to building strong, confident gymnasts. We want them to strive for skills just beyond their reach and conquer challenges that seem impossible. Our gymnastics program consists of multiple levels for all ages and abilities!

Contact Us

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